stocking up

Joes Jeans | ZARA | Rich and Skinny | Blank NYC 

Unchronicled life happenings: university graduation (literally thousands of photos trapped in my photographer's camera), a hair chop, and finalized move to the east coast for medical school. I've been spending my summer break at my parents' place, baking hundreds of salted caramel macarons, tutoring SAT, eating avo on toast like everyday, and shopping for the move. So far, I've accumulated a ruffled anthropologie-esque shower curtain (sans rings...), solid white sheets, and a dope collection of black skinnies. Progress. 

favorite denim brand: joe's jeans ... insanely comfy 


the may wish list

1. Shu Uemura cleansing oil shampoo - my hair situation is dismal. I have fine hair with oily roots and dry ends. I find very few clarifying shampoos that won't strip the natural oils from while reducing excess oil production in the scalp. My current "swear-by" product is the Fedrick Fekkai glossing line shampoo but life's too short for a one shampoo commitment.
2. Karen Walker Northern Lights sunglasses - my black CELINEs are permanently plastered onto my face as of late. What is a face..without sunglasses? I wanted a new pair for the spring/summer; something different from the the classic CELINE. The tort pattern and aggressive cat eye frame caught my attention, and after trying on the black version at Barney's, I've decided my life will remain incomplete until I acquire them in tort.
3. Essie licorice & belugaria - My boyfriend ruined my bottle of OPI onyx during his 'fish tank' project (don't ask), and now I'm in desperate need for a new black varnish. And while I'm picking up a new cream black polish, I might as well grab a glittery black...and maybe matte black.
4. Saint Laurent card case- I've been using the same Tiffany card case, a christmas present from the boyfriend, since freshmen year of college. It's been through it all and more.. and it is beyond ready for retirement. I love the animal theme on this one and how the black and white makes you wonder "is it cheetah or dalmation?" Fashion items that make you think..
5. Diptyque candle in rose- Let's be real. Make up brush holder.
6. 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli in buff- I've been lusting after this petite bag, in just about every pattern and color in the line, since it first debuted. But how perfect if this cool-tone nude?!


as if

I can't get enough of Iggy's perfect blow out and plaid ensemble. 
Probably one of the coolest Aussie babes like ever.


when fashion meets science

I'm so enthralled with Christopher Kane's whimsical and organic collection. I imagine fairies mischievously prancing around in his pieces. The perfect scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream. My favorite has to be the simple, white dress with a sheer neckline detail. But my inner science nerd can't deny the sequined sweater number diagramming (with labels) a vibrant angiosperm. 


new accessories

I finally acquired the Celine sunnies I have been lusting over for an unhealthy amount of time. Black, oversized cat eyes are a staple item in every closet, n'est pas? Now, I have successfully moved onto oogling Karen Walker's collection of tortoise shades. Last quarter I bonded with my chem lab partner, a babe with a serious instagram collection of food to die for, and she texted me the magic words "sale" and "BCBG" during my east coast trip. You know what happens next: I ordered myself a gunmetal necklace that would look dope with a plain tee. 
The first week of school was surprisingly memorable. I skipped the first day for a medical school interview. You know, priorities. My interviewer and I talked about bladder cancer and the genius fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. I finally dragged my butt to the gym, where the whole population of UCLA hangs out (those new years resolutions). I also held a first edition copy of Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The artistry behind creating a book has been forgotten in this era of ebooks. Where did the leather covers, gold page trimmings, and hand drawn illustrations go?   
Next week is going to be a little crazier and, I suspect, will involve gourmet cookies and fancy pizza...the best kind of week.  


gift from the fashion gods

Memory foam pillow, heated mattress, and Korean food: I'm back at my parents place for the holidays. The past week has been unexpectedly productive. I discovered my love for hot tea + taking a stroll in cold weather, found a pair of faux leather jogging shorts (almost identical to the BCBG ones I've been eying) for twelve dollars and some change, and scored on coated denim from the Zara sale. Due to some freaky, website glitch, the pants were marked as $9.99. The fashion gods must have taken pity on my dismal academic performance and "thank you" letter writing skills....time to drown my sorrows in Christmas themed, sugar cookies, and I don't even like them.