new accessories

I finally acquired the Celine sunnies I have been lusting over for an unhealthy amount of time. Black, oversized cat eyes are a staple item in every closet, n'est pas? Now, I have successfully moved onto oogling Karen Walker's collection of tortoise shades. Last quarter I bonded with my chem lab partner, a babe with a serious instagram collection of food to die for, and she texted me the magic words "sale" and "BCBG" during my east coast trip. You know what happens next: I ordered myself a gunmetal necklace that would look dope with a plain tee. 
The first week of school was surprisingly memorable. I skipped the first day for a medical school interview. You know, priorities. My interviewer and I talked about bladder cancer and the genius fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. I finally dragged my butt to the gym, where the whole population of UCLA hangs out (those new years resolutions). I also held a first edition copy of Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The artistry behind creating a book has been forgotten in this era of ebooks. Where did the leather covers, gold page trimmings, and hand drawn illustrations go?   
Next week is going to be a little crazier and, I suspect, will involve gourmet cookies and fancy pizza...the best kind of week.  

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