summer beauty - face essentials

When it comes to make up, I'm fairly predictable. Simple thick eyeliner and baby pink lips is my daily look that I manage to recreate within five minutes every morning. However, lately, I've been experimenting with bright colors (now that the MCAT is over) and have somehow transitioned my make up routine into a more summer appropriate look by incorporating fuchsias and corals. I'm currently obsessing over Urban Decay's super saturated gloss in crush.... To buy or not to buy?  

One habit that I fortunately picked up a long time ago is applying sunscreen every morning. I'm pretty picky when it comes to sunscreen; it can't be greasy, thick, or smelly. Luckily, I've found my two favorite: Neutrogena's dry touch sunblock (I costco this) and Shiseido's sun protection cream, both of which have become a beauty staple for me. While I rarely burn from the sun, all the women in my mom's side are prone to major sun spots all over their face and necks, so I make sure to apply that sun screen to prevent both sun damage and dark spots.

As I write this post, I'm realizing that in six hours, I have to wake up (and preferably sleep beforehand) to watch a nephrectomy (removal of kidney). Open surgery. Giant tumor (think cantelope). I'm ridiculously excited since I've only observed robotic surgeries so far. I can't wait to see an operation done old school, which I find requires a bit more artistry. Being my weirdo self, I've already planned to wear my wedge sneakers. Of course, on early days like these, I'll be sticking to just my trusty sunscreen and black liner. 

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