they're out

I stood in line at Costco with my mom while mindlessly browsing the lookbook.nu app and eyeing an extra large pizza slice sitting in front of a very lucky kid. In the back of my mind, I knew what was coming today at 5pm EST, but I buried my anxiety with the reminder that I scored on a new sonicare toothbrush and a Fredric Fekkai glossing hair care set. I am a sucker for fancy toothbrushes, but then again, who isn't? After getting my fashion fix, I moved on to browsing premedical forums (my addiction for this site is now out of control) and incredulously read everyone's posts on their MCAT score...what?... My fingers flew across the keyboard as I accessed my score. 

After staring blankly at my score for an uncertain length of time, it finally sunk in: 35. After nineteen practice tests; fifteen review books; six highlighters; two pens; and one stressed, depressed, but well dressed girl, the MCAT is now officially over. I think this moment calls for a celebratory visit to Disneyland.

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